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The Greatest Opportunity Yet For Landlords

The time has never been better for opportunistic Landlords, as the housing market limps along, failing to offer any light at the end of the tunnel for either house owners looking to sell or potential owners looking to buy, many potential first-time buyers have been pushed in to the rental market. (more…)

New Fixed Rate Secured Loan

Link Loans, secured loan lenders, have launched a new secured loan product with a fixed rate for 3 years, This new loan is available to both employed and self-employed borrowers, with a maximum LTV(Loan To Value) of 75%. (more…)

House Prices May Dip Again

House Prices May Dip

The housing market may take another dip as potential buyers struggle to get mortgages according to Bank of England policy maker Kate Barker.

The global credit crisis saw house prices in the UK drop by 20% at the lowest point as banks wary of risking new lending withdrew from the market and confidence was dented.

The market has however come back strongly since hitting bottom.

Barker, who has penned reviews of Britain’s housing supply and planning for the government and helps to set the interest rate said she had been surprised by the rebound.

“It seems more likely than not to me that mortgage finance is clearly not going to be available going forward on the terms it used to be,” Barker told MPs. (more…)

Quick Loans to Fix Up Your Home

Perhaps you want to fix up your home. You cannot wait any longer to get that new carpeting, or worse, your roof is leaking. You have been trying to save money in case any emergencies came up but you do not have nearly enough money. Times are tough right now. This is where you can get a quick loan.

You can choose from a secured home loan, a quick unsecured loan or a quick payday loan. Our experts will help you choose the best option for you and the best deal. We know you work hard for your money and we want to help you save as much as you can. (more…)

Information on Secured Home Loans

There are different types of loans you can take out. A secured loan is where the person borrowing puts up one of their assets such as their home. If the person defaults on paying his or her secured home loan, than the creditor will take the home. The creditor can sell the home to make up for the money that was owed to them yet it was not paid to them.

There are wonderful benefits when you choose to take out one of the secured home loans. If you choose to take out one of the secured home loans that offer extra benefits you will be pleasantly surprised at the rewards. (more…)