Christmas Loans

Christmas Loans

Christmas is a family and friend focused time of year, it should be exciting and a joy to share with your nearest and dearest.

But many people dread the cost involved and worry about the money that they are spending. The current financial climate is also adding to the stress.

Every year over the Christmas period thousands of people relax their spending habits, give in to the urge to spend more and run up huge amounts of debt on their credit cards. This can be expensive; credit cards have one of the highest interest rates of almost any type of borrowing.

Others push their overdrafts to the limit, but there are problems here to, overdrafts can have a high interest rate, higher than credit cards in some cases. This also makes an overdraft an expensive type of credit.

Using your overdraft also means that you have removed an emergency cash buffer for any unexpected expenses that may arise in the future.

Whether you use a credit card or your overdraft with the best of intentions to pay it back come January you know it’s almost always never the case.

There Is A More Cost Effective Way
Spread the cost of Christmas with a personal Christmas loan, there are a number of advantages –

Lower Cost – A personal loan will usually have a lower interest rate than a credit card or overdraft facility.

Fixed Interest Rate – Most loans offer a fixed rate were credit cards and overdraft rates can change quiet often over a short period of time.

Fixed Term – When borrowing on a credit card or overdraft it can be tempting to let your repayments slip; with a personal loan you have a schedule and a fixed period within which to make your repayments. You will always have a fixed date for being clear of the debt.

If you need extra cash to cover the Christmas period then a personal loan is the smartest and most cost effective way to get it.

It’s never too late to take out a Christmas loan, if you’ve missed out on applying before Christmas then you can clear your Christmas credit card and overdraft debts with a personal loan for the New Year, safe in the knowledge that you’ve eliminated those high interest rate payments.

It’s always quick and easy to get a Quick & Easy loan, we search 95%+ of the UK loan market for the most suitable Christmas loans for you and your particular circumstances, whether it’s an unsecured Christmas loan, a secured Christmas loan, or a Christmas payday loan we can help.

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