Easy Ways to Lower Your Cost of Living

Easy Savings

There have been many articles and books written about ways to lead a stress-free life, and a good many of those publications suggest lowering your cost of living as a good start.

For average or even high earners, lowering your cost of living is an immediate way to get more money. Also, by lowering our expenses we begin to think more about the things we are doing and spending our hard-earned money on.

That process alone can help us to realise savings and even a better quality of life. To begin with, think about the various segments of your budget. Let’s start with entertainment.


How much are you spending on your monthly entertainment? Are you going to the movies? Do you and your friends meet regularly for dinner and refreshments at a restaurant? If so, try a cost-saving alternative that might actually be more fun.

If movies are a key interest for you and you know that you spend quite a bit going to the theatres, think about joining a video rental club like ILovefilm. If you think you might rent regularly, the cost per movies are significantly less than your local video rental store, and far less than a trip to the movies.

ILovefilm, for example, has a monthly plan of  £14.99 for an unlimited number of movies in a month.

Invite some friends over instead of going to a restaurant. Together you can serve up a tastier and likely healthier meal for four and spend under £20 (e.g. home-made tacos, beer, wine, or juice is just one example of a group meal that will cost you £20 or less).

So for £80 or less a month (especially if you’re sharing the cost of preparing food with friends) you can have four Friday nights of entertainment with your friends at home. Compare this to the cost of going out to a movie and dinner every week at a cost of about £160 per person a month!

Utilities and Insurance Costs

Your TV/cable expense is likely higher than it need be. Are you watching all the channels in your package? Review your television service bills and revisit your packages. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save by just going with the basics.

Also don’t forget to review your insurance policy often to ensure that you are receiving appropriate discounts for multiple lines of coverage, safety devices and things like a good driving record.

Pay Cash and Search for the Good Things in Life that Are Free

Keep your credit card for emergencies but stick to buying only what you can afford. What you can afford is what you can pay for using your “cash.”

It’s also a good idea to look around before buying, because sometimes the best things available are free. Paying a £20 admission ticket for some commercial promotion for kids isn’t a guarantee that your child will have a memorable or even worthwhile experience. Many communities offer wonderful family activities and entertainment that are completely free.

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