Loans For Bad Credit

Loan For Bad Credit

If you have bad credit you may be under the impression that there are very few loans, if any, available for you to choose from. The truth is, anyone with bad credit can be eligible for nearly any type of loan, especially if they are a homeowner. If you have poor credit you may be eligible for various loans; secured, unsecured, payday, tenant, home-owner and other types of loans.

If you have a bad credit rating and are in need of a loan, you have several options. Different types of loans will be better than others, depending on your situation. The easiest loan to obtain if you have bad credit will be a secured loan also known as a homeowner or home equity loan if you own your own home.

A secured loan can be obtained if the borrower has some sort of collateral to offer the lender. The collateral may be a home, car, land or any other item of value that the lender will accept as collateral against the money borrowed. A mortgage is probably the most common type of secured loan. Any type of loan that is secured will be advantageous to a person with or without bad credit in a number of ways.

These loans will have lower interest rates, they’re easier to obtain and many may have flexible payment periods. If you have particularly bad credit then a secured loan is your best option. The fact that you are willing to offer security to the lender in return for your borrowing inspires their confidence and boosts your chances of your application succeeding.

Unsecured loans, also known as tenant loans, of any type will be more difficult for a person with bad credit to obtain. These loans will come with slightly higher interest rates than the secured loans and many lenders may not approve your application if you have particularly bad credit. Of course, many people who have bad credit may find that unsecured loans are their only option because they do not have the collateral for a secured loan.

Another option is the payday loan, which is essentially an advance on your payday wage. Payday loans require you to show proof of monthly income and proof that you have been at your current residence for a certain period of time. However, payday loans do not require collateral and will consequently have a much higher interest rate than a secured loan as there is more risk involved for the lender.

Improve Your Credit Rating With A Bad Credit Loan
If you do have bad credit and you obtain a loan, whether it be secured, unsecured or payday the simple process of paying your loan installments back on time and in full will begin to improve your credit rating and as long as you maintain those payments you could switch your loan at a later date for a loan with a better interest rate based on your new improved credit rating.

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