Quick Loans Options

Quick Loans

What are your options when it comes to a quick loan?

Which is quickest and what does each offer?

Quick Secured Loans

Offers a lower rate of interest and more relaxed criteria as the Lender secures the loan on collateral usually your home or other property. Loans are available at up to 85% of your property value. Generally not the quickest loan to get as there can be a little more paperwork involved but certainly the cheapest and easiest. Rates can be as low as 5%. Secured loans are available for up to £100,000.

Quick Unsecured Loans

Eligibility is almost entirely based on your credit history although some Lenders are now looking at Guarantors for some loans. Higher rates of interest than a secured loan especially if you have bad credit. Criteria is also tougher as the Lender has no collateral from the Borrower to take in to account. Typical rates can be around 9 – 16% Unsecured loans are available of up to £50,000.

Quick Payday Loans

By far the quickest loan to get, same day in some cases. But the loan amounts available are very small when compared to unsecured and secured. The short-term nature of the loan also means that interest rates are very high.

Criteria is very strict with many applicants failing to qualify.

The payday loan is a short term loan and shouldn’t be used for long-term financial aid. These are generally used in a financial emergency e.g urgent car repairs, unforeseen bills.

Rates hover around the 2500%+. Although this sounds high it typically works out at a £100 loan costing £125, essentially a £25 charge.

Payday loans are available up to £1,000.

It’s your choice
Whichever option you choose a good Loan Company will search the market for the best loan option for you at the lowest rates available.

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