Secured Loan Calculator

Secured Loan Calculator

The secured loan calculator opposite is meant to provide figures as a guide to help you consider your loan options; monthly repayments, interest rates and secured loan time periods.

By entering the required figures you can use the secured loan calculator tool to compare and contrast various elements of possible secured loans e.g. larger amounts over a longer period.

Enter the relevant figures in the first three boxes, click the ‘Calculate’ button and your results will be displayed in the results area at the bottom of the form.

To try different combinations of figures, simply click the clear button to clear all current figures and start again with a blank form, it’s quick and easy.

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Secured Loans

Nothing To Repay For Up To 5 Months
A Number of our secured loans present you with a repayment holiday at the beginning of the loan term. You will not have to make a single payment for up to 5 months after your loan begins. (Interest charged from opening of account). This scheme is really popular both before and after Christmas.

Fixed Rates For Up To 5 Years
A range of our secured loan plans allow you to fix the interest rate for up to 5 years. Your repayment is always the same for the fixed rate period. A set repayment figure each month can be a major advantage.

Pay Less By Paying Faster
A range of our secured loan plans offer you the choice to repay more than your monthly repayment whenever you choose. This will reduce the balance on your loan and lower the interest on the balance remaining. You can clear your loan earlier and repay less interest.

Payment Protection
Valuable payment protection against sickness, accident or unemployment is available on ALL our loans. Some of our secured loan plans also offer life cover, essentially repaying all or part of the loan in the event of your death. Peace of mind with your repayments is always available.

Rebate For Early Settlement
All our secured loans offer you a rebate of the interest if you settle them earlier than the scheduled term, although some penalties are payable. You will repay less interest if you clear your loan early. These rebates can differ slightly between individual loan plans, but ALL of them are calculated within the early settlement terms of the Consumer Credit Act.

Apply for your secured loan here, we search 95% of the UK market to find the best and most appropriate deal for you and your particular circumstances.