Short Term Loans

Same Day Cash Loans

Do you need up to £400 in your bank within 15 minutes!

If you’re looking for a short term loan you no longer have to complete any paperwork and wait days to be approved. Nobody needs to visit you at home and you don’t even need to speak to anybody on the phone. You really can have the money you need in your bank account in less than an hour.

Can I really get a short term loan within 15 minutes?

It sounds too good to be true right?

Technology allows the lender to quickly check your status online as soon as you apply and approve your loan all within 15 minutes.

Is there a credit report check?

No, your credit record is irrelevant and is not checked. A bad credit history is not a problem you can still get your short term loan.

If you need a short term loan as soon as possible apply now.

Quick and Easy Loans have partnered up with the newest concept in quick and easy short term borrowing, offering speed, flexibility and transparency. A new type of short term lender and a new way to borrow money on your terms.

You select the amount (for new applicants up to £400 existing customers can borrow up to £1,000) and the total number of days you require the short term loan for (Just 1 day or up to 30 days).

It takes just 15 minutes to get approved and have the funds in your bank account.

So within an hour you can have £400 in your bank account ready for that cash emergency.

The only requirements for a short term loan is that you are at least 18 years of age, have and income and you are a UK resident.

How Does It Work?

Visit our partner Wonga by clicking on the banner above, use the two sliders to select the loan amount and the number of days you require the short term loan for and hit apply, then enter your details.

*Tip The less time you need the loan for the lower the interest rate.

You will receive an email confirming your application.
And a pin number is texted to you to verify it’s you making the application.
Follow the instructions and your short term loan will be organised and paid directly in to your account.

That’s it!

When it comes to repayment there are no worries about forgetting to make the payment and getting charged extra interest as the loan is paid back automatically on the day you select when applying.

At the end of the loan term you will receive a text to indicate the repayment is being made.

You can also track your borrowing through a history section in your account so you always know where you are up to.

What Does It Cost?

The equivalent of just under 1% interest per day and that rate is applied to the loan amount and transmission fee for the period of the short term loan – usually between 1 and 31 days.

A typical loan –

Borrowing: £265 for 7 days + Interest & fees £24.18 = Total to repay £289.18

What About The Large APR?

This annualised measure is very distorting over short periods of time, to make things clearer the total cost of repayment is also displayed very clearly as well.

There is a legal requirement to display a representative APR but the calculation required by law means that, where a loan is not taken out for a year, the interest rate must be compounded the same number of times the actual loan period would fit into a year.

Another example may make things clearer –

Borrowing: £207 for 20 days + Interest & fees £41.92 = Total to repay £254.42.
Interest rate 360% pa. Transmission fee £5.50. Representative APR 4314%.

More Benefits

The only Lender to offer a flexible short term loan period.
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An easy loan straight to your bank within 15 minutes.
Get your emergency cash now and stop worrying.

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