Why Choose Quick And Easy Loans For Your Secured Loan?

Your Secured Loan

The Right Lender
We work with around 350 Lenders and each one is different, as is each customer. Your circum-stances may not fit a particular Lender’s criteria, but match another’s exactly. Through our experience we can quickly find the right Lender for you depending on your individual circumstances.

Our Lender panel enjoy working with us as we make their job as easy as possible by matching them to the borrowers most suited to their particular loan products quickly and easily.

To ensure your application is moved along as quickly as possible we ensure we have all the information required. We have staff who specialise in this area. Once we have all the pertinent information it’s presented to the most fitting Lender in the format they prefer, this guarantees the fast processing of your application.

Presenting the application in the correct format is important – our Lenders work through paperwork all day. So we make it as easy as possible for them to say ‘Yes!’

A Flying Start
By finding the Lender that best suits you fast and making their job easier we give you a head start. It doesn’t end there. We also send everything by Royal Mail Special Delivery at no cost to you; that means it’s guaranteed next day delivery! Plus, twice a day we drive all our post to the local sorting office. Thus saving you another day or so. What other company does this?

Keeping You Informed
You will have one of our expert team dealing with your loan exclusively. You can contact them at anytime to learn exactly what stage your loan application is at. Many customers are surprised at just how friendly and helpful our staff are (we think they’re the best, in fact we make sure they’re the best by looking after them in unique ways).

Customer Service
Our customers are often worried about their finances when they first make a loan application with us. When we contact our customers we make sure they hear a friendly voice and talk to someone who’s ready to listen and able to help. We get to know our customers and build a relationship based on trust. We’re on first name terms with our customers and they always have just one point of contact to make things even easier.

24 Hours A Day And 365 Days A Year
We know you can start thinking about your cash situation at any time of day, the middle of the night, at the weekend or even on Christmas day. That’s why you can apply online when you choose? It could save you a lot of time and money!

Why We Can Find The Best Deal For You
Our huge range of Lenders means we can source the best deal possible for you – we know this is a competitive market and we can’t afford to take our eyes off the ball. We make it our business to have an intimate knowledge of the current loan products and our constant monitoring of the market ensures we are quick to pick up on the very latest deals. This will of course benefit you when it comes to finding the best fit for your individual circumstances.

Finally, if you are wondering whether your loan will cost more to borrow from a broker (like us) than from a bank – no, it doesn’t!

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