Why Use Quick And Easy Loans?

Consolidate Your Debt

Nothing To Repay For Up To 5 Months

A Number of our loans present you with a repayment holiday at the beginning of the loan term. You will not have to make a single payment for up to 5 months after your loan begins. (Interest charged from opening of account). This scheme is really popular both before and after Christmas.

Fixed Rates For Up To 5 Years

A range of our loan plans allow you to fix the interest rate for up to 5 years. Your repayment is always the same for the fixed rate period. A set repayment figure each month can be a major advantage.

Pay Less By Paying Faster

A range of our loan plans offer you the choice to repay more than your monthly repayment whenever you choose. This will reduce the balance on your loan and lower the interest on the balance remaining. You can clear your loan earlier and repay less interest.

125% Loans To Value

Some of our loans allow you to borrow up to 25% more than the value of your property. Having little or no equity in your property does not stop you getting a loan. If your mortgage is greater than the value of your property, we can still help you.

Payment Protection

Valuable payment protection against sickness, accident or unemployment is available on ALL our loans. Some of our loan plans also offer life cover, essentially repaying all or part of the loan in the event of your death. Peace of mind with your repayments is always available.

Rebate For Early Settlement

All our loans offer you a rebate of the interest if you settle them earlier than the scheduled term, although some penalties are payable. You will repay less interest if you clear your loan early. These rebates can differ slightly between individual loan plans, but ALL of them are calculated within the early settlement terms of the Consumer Credit Act.

Fixed Rates Up To 5 Years
Interest Only Payments
CCJ’s, Arrears, Defaults, IVA, & Bankruptcy Accepted
Self Certification Up To 100% LTV Up To £150,000 (Subject To credit Score)
Loans On BTL Up To 80% LTV

Apply Now In 3 Easy Steps…

Quick Loan Step 1 Use the Quick & Easy form to tell us a little bit about you and the loan you require. Secured loan, unsecured loan, good or bad credit we can help. Go here for quick payday loans and here for log book loans.
Quick Loan Step 2 We then quickly search 95%+ of the loan market, find the best loan for you and your particular circumstances at the lowest rate possible.
Quick Loan Step 3 Once we find your best loan options, we call you back, at a time of your choosing and work fast to get your loan approved. Quick and Easy! Apply now there’s no obligation.